THF hardening



Electronic balancing

Today Chiaravalli Group S.p.A. is the most important company in the sector of blades for slicing machines, with a complete manufacturing cycle, which starts with the blanking, and continues until the final chromium plating process. Everything is carried out within the company premises, and therefore under its total control.


Thanks to our high technology machinery, all with CNC, we can implement the most advanced cutting, machining, induction hardening, grinding, cleaning and sharpening technologies.


Our company has a production capacity of over 25,000 blades per month, including a wide range of over 150 different models, in diameters going from 195 mm, to industrial models with diameters of 460 mm.

RASSPE BLADES keeps a stock of over 250,000 items, always available for immediate shipment,
in order to meet any urgent requirements that the customers may have.